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CELEWELL A23 Battery 12V Special High Capacity 55mAh

Car Alarm Remote, Home Alarm System, 12V Special High Capacity, The Highest Real Capacity, Virtual High Capacity, Opener A23 Battery

H&F Rating 851 reviews
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What We Like

  • High capacity makes it ideal for garage door openers, car alarm remote, ceiling fan remote, home alarm system and other electronic systems
  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable battery cells work flawlessly


  • Polaroid feature may not work smoothly

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About CELEWELL A23 Battery 12V Special High Capacity 55mAh

CELEWELL concentrates on high-quality batteries, therefore we're highly strict in choosing raw material and R&D production technology. The capacity of our batteries is higher than most of the ordinary brands in the market, production tech is preciser. And the batteries are more safe, stable, and durable. B Safety Batteries from trustful big brand states brand name on the package and a battery cell. It may cause battery leakage or explosion which is quite dangerous for your family's safety. C Stability Different technology, different stability. Good factory or brand marks manufacture date on batteries to follow up, control, and improve quality. Many brands on the market do not mark MFG date or only have an expiration date - consumers are not sure when the batteries were made and may buy old batteries. Mercury-free Good manufacturers pay a high cost to use mercury-free material to protect our earth. CELEWELL has passed all safety certifications, UL, CE, RoHS, UN38.3, ISO9001 all certified. All models of CELEWELL batteries perform much better than ordinary brands due to their higher capacity and longer lifetime. BRAND SUPPORT With a professional research and development team, CELEWELLis now famous for producing high-quality batteries all over the world and offers at least 5 years of brand support for customers!

Results of our analysis:

We analyzed 82,018 reviews for 373 products in the 12V Batteries category.

We then analyzed 851 reviews for this product. None were recent.

Around 91% of reviews were positive and about 7% were negative.

Final Score:

9.81 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Build quality
  • Longevity
  • Overall performance
  • Packaging
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about CELEWELL A23 Battery 12V Special High Capacity 55mAh

    It arrived on Saturday and I installed one to replace the garage door battery, which worked just fine. I liked that the manufacture date and useful life date were clearly marked on the packages and especially appreciate the long warranty period that will be honored even after

    I have purchased batteries from this vendor before and they have done as well as Duracell or Eveready batteries, but it is difficult to find this battery at a local store.

    It is not often that a manufacture date and an expiration date are stamped on the cards when buying batteries in bulk, so this was a good find.

    I was happy to find these on Amazon because it was a little harder to find this size battery than other ones, but the price was good and I didn't need all the batteries at one time.

    The batteries in the pack I opened had a initial charge of about 12.61 volts, and were set to expire in four and a half years.

    Common Questions


    What's the size of the batteries?


    The diameter is 0.405 inch and the height is 1.122 inch.


    Is it possible to review entire order?


    I put the review of a seller or experience with a multiple product order in a Word document, then just paste it into the review box.


    Has anyone had them over 2 years and are still working?


    If you store it for 3 years on a shelf it can still be used, and CELEWELL will offer a quality warranty if there is any bad batteries in 3 years.


    Are they the same as LR23A?


    I can find the Celewell package listing 3 equivalents, but I can't find a definitive "yes".


    Is the battery made in us?


    Even Duracell batteries that are made in the U.S. are not made now. I used one battery from this package and it is still functional today, many months later.

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