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Duracell 21/23 12V Specialty Alkaline Battery

Long Lasting Battery 4 Count, Guaranteed For 5 Years In Storage

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What We Like

  • Engineered batteries ensures long lasting performance.
  • Offers a simple installation in remote light/fan
  • Ideal for use in the specialty devices, including remote controls, car alarms, key fobs, and security systems


  • Inadequate efficiency levels

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About Duracell 21/23 12V Specialty Alkaline Battery

Duracell specialty alkaline batteries are engineered for long-lasting performance. Designed for use in your specialty devices, including remote controls, car alarms, key fobs, and security systems - including digital cameras and remote control systems such as remotes & remote access systems (rasps), and keys/fob sys-taped keys and tampons Duracell pioneered the Alkaline Manganese Dioxide electrochemical system nearly 40 years ago. Think of it like cooking a meal: Using different ingredients and amounts makes the meal taste different. Batteries should be removed from devices/equipment when: the device is not expected to be in use for several months. The battery is worn out (to prevent possible damage from battery leakage). Only batteries that are specifically label' rechargeable' can be recharged. Store batteries in a dry place at normal room temperature without the contacts touching. Extreme heat or cold reduces battery performance. Avoid putting battery-powered devices in very warm places. In addition, refrigeration is not necessary or recommended.

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9.48 out of 10, based on these 5 factors:

  • Build quality
  • Longevity
  • Overall performance
  • Packaging
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Duracell 21/23 12V Specialty Alkaline Battery

    I use these in my garage door openers and some remote switches, but there was an issue with the positive terminal that prevented them from making contact with the remote control units.

    When the remote switch died, I pulled the batteries out of the handheld switch part and ordered them to be replaced, and it works now!

    I buy Duracell frequently and am always satisfied, as I was with the purchase of 21/23 12volt batteries.

    I bought 3 packs of speciality batteries for my car alarm remote control and they work well and last a long time.

    I'm happy that I got them so quickly. I'm a Prime member and I love it.



    Can I use this to start my truck?


    You may want to buy a few and wire them in parallel, but I don't see why that wouldn't be possible.


    Are these batteries required for the Minke ceiling fan remote?


    A23 battery is also known as 23A, 23AE, GP23A, V23GA, LRV08, 8LR932, 8LR23, MN21, L1028 or ANSI-1181A.


    Are the batteries dated at least 2022?


    The package says Best Before 2023 for mine.


    Are the batteries in an undamaged package?


    My package was brand new when it was opened.


    Is the expiration date in 2019.


    The expired date was March 2023, with batteries arriving on4/20/2019.

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