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ExpertPower EXP12180 12V18AH Lead_Acid_Battery

Expertpower Exp12180 12V 18Ah Lead Acid Battery, Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, The High Impact Resistant Battery Case, A Very Durable And Rugged Construction

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What We Like

  • Made of a non-conductive ABS plastic that ensures durability
  • Has a strong resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals and heat that maintains incredible performance
  • Comes with nuts and bolts for quick assembling


  • Batteries requires a charge on a regular basis

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About ExpertPower EXP12180 12V18AH Lead_Acid_Battery

Expert power Sealed Lead Acid Batteries are made with the highest quality materials available. The high-impact resistant battery case is made up of a non-conductive ABS plastic with strong resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals, and heat. ExpertPower Batteries are Built for Performance, but they are also Built To Last. Ultra-Tough Verified Safety True Capacity About Us

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9.53 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • Packaging
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about ExpertPower EXP12180 12V18AH Lead_Acid_Battery

    The jump start pack showed 100% charged after just 1.2 hours, I plugged it in to charge the drone batteries in the 120v plug.

    The battery case lid can't be screwed back together because the batteries are slightly taller than the originals. These 18 Ah batteries are slightly taller than the 17 Ah originals, so battery case lid doesnt go all the way down - can't screw it back together.

    We now have two of these 18AhEP batteries, and both of them are working perfectly, because I realized that I could replace the battery and get a larger one at that point.

    I ordered Power Patrol batteries on Amazon instead of the Rhino battery shown in the photo, and they are working so far.

    After removing a few screws and breaking the half of the unit that was left to get to the interior, it was easy to connect the battery cable leads and close the unit back up.

    Common Questions


    Can you tell me if this battery is better than 6FM-18 (12V-18Ah/20HR)?


    You need to check what size of your is because they come in different sizes, but from what I could find on the internet, it is a replacement for the 6FM-18.


    I need a 6 1/2" high, 3" deep, 7 1/8" wide. What's the size?


    If there is a small amount of room, it fits well.


    Is this the same as the UB2180 battery?


    Will this battery be a good replacement for a lead acid battery?


    Does the terminal bolt and nut come with the battery?


    My was battery only, there was no nut or bolts.


    Will the battery work in a kids power wheel?


    It depends on the battery size and whether the power wheel has a 12volt as OE.

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