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ExpertPower EXP1245 12V 4.5 Amp Rechargeable Battery for Security Systems

Battery Type 12 Volt 4.5 Amp 20 Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Our Maintenance Free And Valve Regulated Batteriesa Wide, Expertpower Exp1245 12V 4.5 Amp Rechargeable Battery

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What We Like

  • Maintenance free and valve regulated battery helps in making the system functional in less time
  • Rugged construction with absorbed glass mat technology ensures an extended durability
  • Provides a wide temperature range that offers convenient operation


  • Deficient functioning

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About ExpertPower EXP1245 12V 4.5 Amp Rechargeable Battery for Security Systems

Expert power Sealed Lead Acid Batteries are made with the highest quality materials available. The high-impact resistant battery case is made up of a non-conductive ABS plastic with strong resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals, and heat. ExpertPower Batteries are Built for Performance, but they are also Built To Last. Ultra-Tough Verified Safety True Capacity About Us

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9.47 out of 10, based on these 5 factors:

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  • What buyers say about ExpertPower EXP1245 12V 4.5 Amp Rechargeable Battery for Security Systems

    The initial impression is that it is the same size as the exp 1245, but there is a difference that may be an issue for some users.

    I bought it to replace my old battery in my ChamberlinQ garage door opener and it works great, it's just 1/3 of the price, but I don't know how long it will last.

    I'm happy with the battery, but I wish I could say more about it, like how it works or how fast it's delivered.

    The battery seems to be working well, I was very happy with the delivery speed, and the fact that the supplier cares about its reviews.

    The battery in my garage door opener lost charge after 3 years, so I had to grind down the black terminal to make a new one.

    Common Questions


    I'm wondering if the extra.5 Amps is ok for the 12v 4.0 Amp atv battery.


    If you use less than 7 Amp, it's ok.


    Is it possible to use this battery in a Coleman Lattern 5312?


    I hope this will help you, I have a battery that can be used for this lantern.


    Can I use the battery to power led lights?


    I use this battery for my alarm system.


    I had a high power flashlight and it came out with a different first two letters. Will it work in my system?


    If your original battery was a 12V4.5Ah battery and has similar dimensions to our 12V4.5Ah with F1 terminals, then it will work as a replacement.


    How much does this battery weigh?


    It's stated as it's stated.

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