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LiCB A23 12V Alkaline 23A Batteries

Licb A23 12V Alkaline 23A Batteries, Burglar Alarms Remote Controls, Longer Battery Life, Car Alarms Remote Controls, Gateway Openers Remote Controls

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What We Like

  • CE and ROHS Certified batteries makes it affordable than other listed products
  • Primarily Used in Garage Door Openers Remote Controls, Doorbells , Car Alarms, and other Electronic Devices
  • Ensures longer battery life and long-lasting power


  • Unexceptional power output quality

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About LiCB A23 12V Alkaline 23A Batteries

23A alkaline batteries use the international advanced laminated technology. The shell is made of special stainless steel. It will not easily oxidize rust. Mercury-Free batteries achieve US Regulations for mercury-free batteries. Warning: do not solder the batteries. Do not put them into fire or heat them.

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We analyzed 82,018 reviews for 373 products in the 12V Batteries category.

We then analyzed 339 reviews for this product. None were recent.

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9.61 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Build quality
  • Longevity
  • Overall performance
  • Packaging
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about LiCB A23 12V Alkaline 23A Batteries

    The 10 pack batteries are not listed on the package but work well so far, I used the last battery I purchased in January of this year and the red light on the device made it seem like they held up well.

    These batteries seem to have a good shelf life and are a bit shorter than "brand-name" batteries.

    I have been looking for this type of battery for a long time, but everyone has one of these batteries for less than $10, which is odd because I used to have this exact brand for remote control of the ceiling fan/light in my room.

    I needed the batteries for my remotes that allowed me to turn on and off the lights in my house, and they were very reliable at a great price.

    They work well and are inexpensive, but I don't know how long they will last or whether they will leak, but I will buy them again.

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