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John Lee, The Count of Monte Cristo

John Lee 'N ; Factors: The Count Of Monte Cristo, 'N By

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  • What buyers say about John Lee, The Count of Monte Cristo

    The book is a great example of how money, greed, jealousy and power can ruin a person and make them want to be a better person.

    It was referred to a number of times in a series of books that I really liked so I decided to read it for myself and I can't even begin to express how happy I am that I did.

    After 14 years of imprisonment, and another ten looking for answers, treasure and himself, does it really make sense for Edmond to leave it too late to claim his revenge?

    I found the ebook for nothing and a page count of 486, which is very fast for a ebook.

    The hours spent staring at the screen have caused my eyes to turn bloodshot and watery.

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