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Why Read Moby-Dick? ;by, Nathaniel Philbrick

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  • What buyers say about Why Read Moby-Dick? ;by, Nathaniel Philbrick

    I have read Melville for the first time in a long time, but Nathaniel Philbrick's book has made me better understand and enjoy the novel even more.

    Mr. Melville made several short chapters, which allow the reader to focus on a small part of the journey of the PEQUOD.

    Nathaniel Philbrick is the foremost authority on all things Nantucket and I have enjoyed reading his other books.

    I am very interested in early nineteenth century literature, and I was motivated to read Melville's great work by Philbrick's book.

    One can give Melville a nod for timelessness and messages if one likes his arguments, as I am convinced that Moby Dick is very wordy, very overween.

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