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Fiona Valpy - "The Beekeepers Promise

Created with Raphaël
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  • What buyers say about Fiona Valpy - "The Beekeepers Promise

    I think it is because of Eliane's story that Abi decided that she could face the ghosts of her past and move on.

    The story of two women whose lives intersect at just the right time is anInsightful, interesting and nurturing "feel good" tale.

    I found her to be authentic and needed to build up strength in order to get through the tough times. I thought she was an interesting character who held her own.

    I have been reading that there seems to be no connection between Eliane and Abi in the year of the war. However, as she hears Eliane's story, she finds the courage to move on from her painful past.

    I really enjoyed this book, it was a great read, I learned more about the WW2 history, the characters, their strength and drive to help one another in their families, friends and communities, as well as the fictional stories of the characters, their strength and drive to help one another

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