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Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast

A Moveable Feast ;By, Ernest Hemingway

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    Scott did not trust the doctor son who had once been an ambulance driver for the Red Cross and he demanded that Hemingway take his temperature, even though his friend had told him it was normal.

    This was one of Hemingway's last works, and it appeared in print three years after he committed suicide.

    The characters Ernest Hemingway interacted with in Paris of the 1920s were not always nice to him, but there were a couple of notable exceptions, including poets Evan Shipman and Ezra Pound.

    He never refers to Toklas by name, only as Miss Stein's friend, and although he talks of several encounters with Miss Stein's maidservant, he openly admits that he could not even remember her name.

    Hemingway says that the book may shed light on other books that have been written as fact, but it is not certain if that is a true statement or if much of the book is fiction.

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