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The Jungle Book Club, New York, 1970

Factors: A Jungle Creature, A Jungle Gym, And Much More., An Animal

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  • What buyers say about The Jungle Book Club, New York, 1970

    I was a teen in the 60s when this book was written, and my grandsons are now in their 20s, but they were blown away by it.

    When I told them that it was the first book they had read, they were very impressed.

    The book was damaged when it arrived, but the packaging looked like it was packaged this way.

    He wanted a US revolution, and in times like these, one must read "The Jungle" under the light of 2020. problems like covid 19 suddenly enhaces issues like homelessness, healthcare, immigration and exploitation.

    The book was great but it was damaged when it arrived.

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