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Bepuzzled Deluxe 3D Crystal Jigsaw Puzzle

The Black Dragon Deluxe 3D Crystal Puzzle, A Super Brain Teaser, Bepuzzled Deluxe 3D Crystal Jigsaw Puzzle Black Dragon Assembly Diy Brain Teaser, The Black Dragon Assembly Diy Brain Teaser, The Bepuzzled Store, A Diy Brain Teaser Gift, Fun Model Toy Gift Decoration

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  • What buyers say about Bepuzzled Deluxe 3D Crystal Jigsaw Puzzle

    I knew this one would be harder to assemble than the others, but other than figuring out where to start and how to keep going, it didn't take me too long and it came out awesome.

    The hit was big, despite being dropped twice, and I think the clear ball in the dragons claws should be a glass marble, which would eliminate the mold marks around the equator.

    It worked great for a 13 year old client of mine who was being rewarded for positive behavior by assembling it during therapy sessions.

    I would only open the baggie that I needed at that time, as the instructions show you which way the piece fits, and it also holds the pieces mostly in place.

    I bought it for my daughter and granddaughter to make a project for when they last spent a day with us. It was a big hit, despite being dropped twice (had to go back to the beginning of assembly).

    Common Questions


    Is this a too complicated for a 5 year old?


    Yes. We recommend all Crystal Puzzles for ages 12 and up because they are a challenge even to adults.


    Does the puzzel come with instructions?


    We don't expect our puzzlers to challenge themselves and find the solution in the box, but all our puzzle solutions are available to download from here.


    Do you need to know how to get it?


    It isn't impossible once you get started, there are definite end pieces for you to use as a guide.


    Is it possible to assembly this multiple times?


    With a few pieces caming apart but was able to put it back together.


    Which one would I get, the three separate images depicting three different types of puzzles?


    All of them are the same puzzle, just shot at different camera angles.

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