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Bepuzzled Original 3D Crystal Puzzle Deluxe

The Black Pirate Ship Deluxe Crystal Puzzle, Black Fun Yet Challenging Brain Teaser, And Highly Textured Puzzle, Translucent, A Sleek, Bepuzzled Original 3D Crystal Puzzle Deluxe

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  • What buyers say about Bepuzzled Original 3D Crystal Puzzle Deluxe

    I thought I would like this puzzle, but it seems to be either haunted or cursed, that's the way I like it, just, that's the way I like it. I have several of these puzzles and I've loved all of them, I assembled all of them

    I used a flashlight to help me see some spots, I don't have the best of eyes, but I'll be starting on baggie 41-50 later today.

    This is a good sculpt worth the asking price (in the $20 range) that will provide a decent challenge for those familiar with the layout.

    The instructions on the instruction sheet were very important because of my lost piece, and I was able to print them off.

    I was excited to get this puzzle, as I bought it in a large order of around 10 or 11 puzzles, it was my favorite, but the contents fell out when I opened the box.

    Common Questions


    What is the function of the locking key?


    The locking key is similar to a plastic screw driver and can be used to open and close the ship. The pin with the screw threaded end is the one that can be used to open and close the ship.


    Do the puzzle instructions have any instructions?


    If you want to keep it assembled and your patience under control, you need to keep the pins numbered for the most part. I have found the horse is the hardest pirate ship and magical kingdom vying for first and second, depending on who you ask.


    Is this appropriate for a 12 year old?


    I love puzzles but can't get it together because my family can't help me.


    How long did it take to put together the pirate ship, treasure chest and shark?


    It will take at least a week if they are the first puzzle.


    I need to know what kind of plastic is used to make the puzzles, I plan to buy an adhesive but I don't know what it is made up of.


    I think it's acrylic based on the looks and rigidity of the plastic.

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