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CubicFun 3d Puzzles for Adults LED Rotatable White House

Adults Led Rotatable White House, 3D Puzzle Design, Eps Foam Board, The Perfect Gift, Us Architecture Building Family Puzzle Desk Decor Birthday Gifts, 3D Puzzle

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What We Like

  • Comes with LED accessories that makes it easy to use
  • Detailed design that allows to capture the PVC windows and complex garden details
  • Comes with clear instructions that help to build the puzzle with confidence


  • may be very simple for some

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  • What buyers say about CubicFun 3d Puzzles for Adults LED Rotatable White House

    This is a video that you can play on your computer, tablet, or phone, and it is very easy to set up and watch at any time of the day or night.

    There is double-stick tape for the clear acetate sheet you use, and a protective film on the sheet, but the pieces are not numbered in the sequence that you use them.

    This was a great project for my son to do while he was in NYC and it was easy for him to build.

    The instructions are very detailed and easy to follow, and make this a great gift idea for any model freak!, and the LEDs look amazing, a bit of history and a few typos, like "Capito" on the back cover, make this a great gift idea for any model freak

    The model is accessible and great for any US history enthusiast. The model is amazing once assembled, ideal for any admirers of US history.

    Common Questions


    Is the piece like a plastic finish or paper?


    They are very thick and have a coating on them that is much thicker than a normal puzzle piece.


    How do you get the double sided glue off of the sticky side?


    Put it on the piece that needs it sticky side down, take your finger nail to one end or the other, and scrap it back until you can grasp it, then pull it off.


    Can the led lights be connected to a battery or led cord?


    I suppose you are able to.


    Is led white house and led capital larger than the regular versions?


    The regular capital is 20.6" L x 9.2" W x 7.9" H and the led one is 24.2" L x 11.8" W x 9 H.


    If my son is missing the sheet with pieces 74 and 75, what should we do?


    You can create them using foam board or balsa wood if these are not marked clearly.

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