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Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Deluxe Carousel

The Bepuzzled Crystal Puzzle, Crystal Clear Instructions, 83 Unique Interlocked Pieces, The 3D Crystal Puzzle Deluxe, Original 3D Crystal Puzzle Deluxe, The Beautiful Pink Crystal Puzzle

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    It took a bit longer to assemble than the other two as I think there are more parts, but it's worth it. It took a bit longer to assemble than the other two as I think there are more parts, but its worth it.

    She is much better at puzzles than I am, and when we finished it, we were so proud of ourselves, I couldn't wait to decorate my bookshelf with it.

    I've been playing a lot of puzzles lately, and this one has definitely scratched that itch, and it was more challenging than I had thought, but that just made it so much more fulfilling once I was able to figure it out.

    I was so happy to receive this one, I wanted a challenge that would take a while, and this one did just that. I had a wonderful hour and a half with this beautiful spinning crystal carousel.

    Common Questions


    Would this work for a six year old girl who is wearing crystals?


    It would depend on the child, I found this puzzle very easy to assemble, especially if you sort the pieces which the form of the pieces make it easy to see whether they are the base or canape.


    Is the piece supposed to be numbered?


    They have an illustrated instruction page online, but be prepared to spend a few hours puzzling out exactly where each piece goes.


    I'm wondering if the edges are sharp enough to handle the puzzles for my 10 year old niece.


    The puzzle is very easy to put together and there are absolutely no sharp edges.


    I don't know if there is a piece missing in the top.


    There should be no gaps.


    We put this together and there are two broken pieces.How can I replace them?


    You can contact the company directly at [email protected] if you need further information.

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