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ROKR Marble Run Kit 3D Wooden Puzzles Model to Build for Adults Birthday Gift

Nice 4-5 Hour Wood Diy Project, Marble Run Kit 3D Wooden Puzzles Model, Adults Birthday Gift, Wooden Puzzles Model, Wooden 3D Puzzles

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  • What buyers say about ROKR Marble Run Kit 3D Wooden Puzzles Model to Build for Adults Birthday Gift

    I have put together a few of these models from different manufacturers, but I rarely write reviews, but my positive experience with the ROKR LG504 motivated me to share my endorsement.

    It took our family about four hours to work on it, and our boy continues to play with it now that it's in the box.

    I used a pair of pliers with padded jaws to force most of the parts together, but my life long experience with tools made that possible. I didnt break anything, but my life long experience in using tools made that possible.

    I received this as a gift and had a blast putting it together. It took about 3-4 hours. Ive read other reviews that say it's too tight or doesn't work correctly.

    I believe that there is not a better product on the market. The laser cut parts are incredibly precise and easy to remove from their master board.

    Common Questions


    Can we glue A14 back together or can we get a new piece?


    It's possible to put glue on it, but why bother? If possible, contact Amazon or the seller directly. They may be able to send the missing piece or replace your item.


    Where is it shipped from?


    I received them from California and Ohio.


    Does it come with all the necessary tools to complete the project?


    I did use glue on a few connections, but it was not included.


    What is the size of the finished product?


    It is about 9 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep, with the top of the large gear wheel teeth being the tallest point.


    We can't get the lift on the marble run to get high enough to release the balls onto the track.


    When you put the lifting assembly together, you may have placed the arms wrong. D-30 also has a shirt and long end, be sure the short.

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