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Wood Trick Wooden Toy Train Set with Railway

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What We Like

  • Made with natural birch ply that makes it safe to use
  • 3-D puzzle building will help develop the child's ability to brainstorm
  • Features 405 wooden puzzle pieces that makes it easy to assemble


  • Parts may be fragile

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  • What buyers say about Wood Trick Wooden Toy Train Set with Railway

    I am going to get into this model, it has been a pleasure so far, but I am too old for that.

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    The assembly was very enjoyable because of the excellent quality and precision that came together with some degree of difficulty, but not done yet, I thought this was an excellent addition to my collection, besides the challenge presented itself with all the parts that came together with some degree of difficulty.

    The fit and finish were perfect, and I already have 2 more trains I want to build.

    The wooden puzzle is powered by just elastics and gears and it was really easy to understand.

    Common Questions


    What is the total weight of the locomotive?


    The locomotive is 15 inches long and the train car is 10 inches long.


    Does this kit come with the track shown in the video?


    The track is straight and 18” long.


    Where is this train manufactured?


    I believe it was made in Ukraine.


    Is it possible to buy an additional track?


    I don't think you can buy extra track, but the train does move when assembled properly and will travel two to four feet across a low knap carpet depending upon how much you wind it up.


    What is the most efficient way to remove parts from sheets?


    The best way to remove the model parts from the hanger board is by using the wooden slim "key" tool, just like Robin Pitzer has already advised.

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