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2PCS Upgraded Tempered Glass Plate, Ender 3 3D Printer Platform Glass Bed

3D Printer Platform Glass Bed235X235Mm, Ender 3 3D Printer Platform Glass Bed235X235Mm, 2Pcs Upgraded Tempered Glass Plate

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  • What buyers say about 2PCS Upgraded Tempered Glass Plate, Ender 3 3D Printer Platform Glass Bed

    I am satisfied with the bed but I can't recommend it. What I can recommend is doing business with Comgrow. The rep went out of her way to chase after me, as I was reluctant to bother, and it paid off for me, the consumer.

    I had trouble with it and was told to try the smoother side, but I was able to print some successful prints after that.

    I use a spray bottle with soapy water to wipe the glass down, but I also use an alcohol wipe to make sure the glass has a level bed.

    I have only had to adjust the leveling of my bed once since I put this glass bed in. It heats wonderfully, everything sticks to it, and I just have to wait a couple minutes for the bed to cool.

    I use stick glue on the plate once a week and it is strong enough that I don't need brim support but the bottom of prints are completely flat and can still be removed by hand.

    Common Questions


    Is the large print in the middle or the small print center lower front?


    The small print is centered in the lower front as in the picture.


    I tried to put it in place, but I can't because I don't have the room to hold the print nozzle. What's wrong?


    If you want to use the clip on Thingiverse that will make your X gantry hit the stop, you need to raise your endstop 3mm.


    Will it fit a Sain Smart ender 3?


    It will fit any bed that's 235mm x 235mm.


    The old version shows a big logo in the center and the new version shows a logo in the lower front. Are they upgrade version 2?


    I can't speak for the rest, mine was on the lower front.


    Is the glass build plate the official one from creality?


    I don't know if it's the official creakily glass plate, but it has a textured surface that aids in print adhesion.

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