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CHPOWER CR-10 Extruder Upgraded Replacement

, High Speed Z Axis, Aluminum Mk8 Drive Feed 3D Printer Extruder, Right Hand Extruder Kit, Creality Ender 3, Right Hand Feed 3D Printer Extruders, Right Hand Feed Feed 3D Printer Extruder, Right Hand Feed, Creality

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  • What buyers say about CHPOWER CR-10 Extruder Upgraded Replacement

    I have checked out and used several approaches so far, but at the end of the day, I think I've found the gold-standard design.

    The CHPOWER unit comes with a complete set of hardware for the extruder- screws, filament drive gear, filament drive bearing, guide tube fitting, etc., and I used the original items other than the metal frame and spring, which would work well for someone wanting to replace.

    This is a much better printer than the plastic one I had and the price is right. I will buy another but my next printer will have direct drive.

    I agree with the positive reviews of this item, it's an affordable addition that improves the print quality so much, I'm surprised Creality doesn't use something similar on the unit as stock. It not only eliminated almost all of the random voids that seemed to always keep

    I had a lot of extra screws for the set up, but I am not a fan of the fact that you cannot adjust the spring tension like on the original Ender 3 extruder.

    Common Questions


    I have a 1.75mm pla and this seems to be squeezing it. Installation is straightforward but I don't know what it is.


    The drive has no mechanism to adjust the tension, so I don't want to have to figure out what the correct tension is.


    I'm looking to replace the stripped gear in my Qidi X-one2 printer, is this compatible?


    You can try it and return it if it's not compatible.


    Does it work with the cr 10 v2?


    The cr-10 v2 can work with the extruder kit, please buy it with confidence.


    Will this extruder fit an Ender 5 Plus?


    Since the ender 5 plus uses the same extruder, it should be able to fit on it.


    Will it fit an Artillery Sidewinder x1?


    It should since it mounts directly to the step motor.

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