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COMGROW Creality 3D Printer Accessories Kit

3D Printer Accessories Kit, Cristian Bowden Ptfe Tubing, Bed Level Spring, All Metal Extruder, Creality 3D Printer

Created with Raphaël
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What We Like

  • 1 pair of small and large pneumatics secure the bowden tube inequitable and hotend
  • Includes 4 bed-level springs for stiff and accurate bed leveling
  • Comes with all the necessary screws and parts that makes it easy to install


  • Aluminum extruder may be too thick for Fargo direct drive

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  • What buyers say about COMGROW Creality 3D Printer Accessories Kit

    I have an Ender 3 Pro and after all the upgrades, such as glass bed, silent board, capricorn tubing, rubber sheaths for the bed springs, noctua fans, BL touch, upgraded bed springs, and so on, the all metal extruder is ranked pretty high.

    This is a great little kit, it adds some nice improvements, but some of the reviews are not accurate, and it doesn't allow you to increase print speed in any way.

    No, this won't increase your print quality, nor will it allow you to increase print speed in any way. The amount of factors that contribute to the end product of a print are many and tiny changes here and there can be either imperceptible or be the difference of printing.

    This kit is worth the cost for the all metal assembly as the plastic ones develop cracks around the hinge point, but the beefier bed springs will save you from having to re-level your bed.

    I've been printing at 120mm/s for the first 2 layers and it's running like a dream. I'll be trying 150mm/s next but I don't want to sacrifice quality.

    Common Questions


    Will this kit work with the CR-10 v2?


    Yes. It will work for CR-10 V2


    Is it a dual gear extruder?


    There is a single gear extrusion mechanism.


    Does this work with cr 10 first Gen 1?


    It works with cr 10.


    If this helps me print tpu or nylon type material, do you have any advice on what to get to help me?


    The tighter tolerances that I made my ender 3 pro able to print were the reason I made it possible to print ninjaflex tpu.


    Will it work on the cr10 Smart?


    It isn't compatible with the cr10 smart.

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