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Creality 4Pcs Metal Leveling Nuts and Springs Upgraded Set

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  • What buyers say about Creality 4Pcs Metal Leveling Nuts and Springs Upgraded Set

    The leveling nuts were a little bigger than I was expecting but they fit perfectly and made adjusting the bed much easier, the springs were not as stiff as I had been led to believe, but they did make the ones that my printer, (CTC-A10S) came with, a

    The bright red metal adjustment wheels are a definite improvement over the old one, as I was not able to install the Capricorn PTFE tubing because it is opaque dark-blue rather than standard translucent.

    I'm pretty sure that the springs were not searched around, and that's why I had to move the Z-Stop up a bit to accommodate them.

    The wheels on my car are a nice upgrade from the plastic ones that I have on my previous models. The aluminum wheels are a nice upgrade from the stock plastic ones on my Ender 3v2.

    I chose not to accept the offer as I already had replaced the springs, so I will be looking for their products from now on.

    Common Questions


    What is the screw diameter?


    The kit does not include screws. This is just the aluminum wheels and upgraded springs.


    What's the measurement?


    The wheel is 59mm in diameter and the spring is 7mm.


    What size screw is required to use?


    The springs are stiff and will aid you with bed leveling.


    Will this work with anet a8?


    I believe the a8 is built on the same platform as the ender/cr10


    The title says ender 5 plus, but the spring description says ender 3.Are the springs compatible with the ender 5+?


    I think they do, but they don't help at all.

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