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Creality Original Ultra-Flexible Removable Magnetic 3D Printer

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  • What buyers say about Creality Original Ultra-Flexible Removable Magnetic 3D Printer

    If the part is stuck, the flexible magnet allows you to work a tool in and separate the part from the surface at a time, where you used to have to break it free all at once.

    This is great for PLA, and it works great with glass and glue stick, as well as the PEI sheet, which is great for smooth bottoming, but with all the fan boys it has, it isn't easy to get it to work.

    I just finished a 20ish hour print and it was great, I like the texture of the build surface more than my previous one, but I'm not sure if time will make them a bit more equal.

    The build plate for the Creality 3D printer comes with a sticky plate, which you can adjust to your printer's settings.

    If you want it to serve you well, give it more respect than I did, and then put it on the magnetic bottom layer so there is no air bubbles under it, or you will need a needle to pop them.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible to purchase the build surface separately from the magnetic pad that sticks to the heated bed?


    Sorry, they are a set.


    I don't know if the printer will attach to the glass plate or if I'll have to attach it to the aluminum mount.


    The bottom part has glue that goes on the metal bed, and the top part has magnetic and sticks to the bottom part without the need for a clamps.


    Is it easy to cut the lower portion to fit a smaller print bed?


    A pair of good quality scissors would be good for you.


    Is this a two part bed?


    I adjust my bed height when changing bed cover because it had sticky 3M on one side.


    Is this like the Prusa powered coated texture?


    Yes. There is a dull, slightly rough, textured surface on the bottom of the model.

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