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Sovol Creality Upgrade Parts Assembled Extruder Hotend

Screwdriver Assembly Guide, Creality Upgrade Parts Assemble Extruder Hotend, Creality 3 V2 Extruder 3 Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer, 0.5 Mm Nozzle Nozzle, 1.0 Mm Ptfe Tubing

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  • What buyers say about Sovol Creality Upgrade Parts Assembled Extruder Hotend

    The 1.1.5 motherboard is great, and it is as quiet as they say, and print quality went up a lot with the additional and calibration of the tensioner systems.

    I am not old enough to give any feedback, but I will say that this is a direct replacement for the Longer LK1 hot end if you know how to solder, or crimp.

    After using my Ender 3 Pro for a few months, I began to use it more often, as I began to understand how custom parts made on the fly take my projects many steps up.

    It was time to replace my hot end because it had been great for 6 months and hardly ever ruined nozzles.

    If I were using the printer in a production setting, I would probably cook up a connector near the extruder so that I wouldn't have to disassemble the printer to change it.

    Common Questions


    I bought this and installed it, but it only goes up to 111 degrees c, and takes 30 minutes to get there.


    If you swap the heater cartridge with a 12v one it will work fine.


    Is it possible to swap in just the extruder hot end with the stock themister and heating tube?


    It was actually a bit easier to replace the entire thing, since you just need to take off the wiring.


    Will this fit a tevo tornado? It's very similar to a cr 10.


    You will probably have to print a new carriage mount, since the mounting holes on this are 1mm off.


    Will this work on my 3d printer if I replace the hot end?


    The product has worked well, it is 24v and the voltage is determined by the power supply.


    Does it come with the wiring as well, or is it just the heating block?


    It was very easy for me to change the wiring to replace the old one.

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