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ELEGOO 2PCS Plastic Resin Tank for ELEGOO Mars 3D Printer

2Pcs Plastic Resin Tank, Reborn Resin, Fep Release Liner, Elegoo Mars 3D Printer

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  • What buyers say about ELEGOO 2PCS Plastic Resin Tank for ELEGOO Mars 3D Printer

    I'm not sure if the ones I received are made of plastic or cast aluminum, but they are very nice and I think they were mis-packaged or mismarked, as the box and the listings say plastic, but the ones I received seem to be made of some sort of cast

    I bought this for my Mars and I love that you can see your print on the side of the plastic, sooner than you can on the top of the aluminum one.

    I like the fact that you can see through the tanks to Guage if your print gets stuck, and I haven't had any issues with these vats at all.

    I use them almost exclusively now, they are perfect, I have put through 40-50 plates of prints on the two I have between two different colored resins, and they are perfect.

    I like that it cane with lids, but I don't like that the lid doesn't have a cut out where the nuts are to hold the vat in place.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible to store the resin in the vat between prints sessions?


    Yes. You can if you prevent light from entering the bottom and don't place them in bright sunlight. I've stored some for 6 months between uses without issue.


    I want to make sure I'm getting the right one before I buy them, but the fep seems to be the same as in the pictures. Can you replace it?


    Yes. You can't tell they're plastic, they're just as rigid and of better quality.


    How long are these plastic tanks good for?


    The tanks should last a long time, barring serious misuse. You can get replacement film and instructions from the Elegoo website.


    Is Mars 2 Pro compatible with the previous Mars?


    I used mine and didn't experience any difference from the original.


    What is the thickness of the FEP on these tanks?


    I have used them on my printer, but I am not sure.

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