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Genuine E3D Hotend Thermistor Cartridge Replacement

E3D Hotend Thermistor Cartridge Replacement, An Easy To Use Cartridge Package, A Custom Made Thermistor

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We analyzed 9,770 reviews for 71 products in the 3D Printer Accessories category.

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7.03 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • What buyers say about Genuine E3D Hotend Thermistor Cartridge Replacement

    I can tell it is genuine, even though it came with a note from e3d that said the seller was an authorized reseller. It came with a note from e3d that the seller (Smokedaddy LLC) is an authorized reseller of their stuff, and I hope it's

    The location of the added connector at the end is the reason I am giving it a 4 stars instead of a 5.

    The one piece that I like is the wire from the board which connects to a male/female end which has about an inch of wire and the thermistor at the end.

    I use it in both the Mosquito and Standard heaters and always have a spare in my parts box.

    The best deal I found was the one I found.

    Common Questions


    What reprap m305 parameters should be used for this thermistor?


    I used this as a plug-in replacement for my Prusa MK3s.


    Does this have an extention cable or just the pictured cartridge?


    I don't remember if it was black/red or just all black, but I did use the cable.


    This isn't the new stainless steel version that e3d just announced. I hope Amazon will carry it soon.


    No, this listing is for the current new stainless steel one, so we can't buy the old style thermistor anymore.


    Will this work as a replacement for a Prusa Original Mark3?


    The one that comes standard on a prusa mk3 is 6mil by 21 mill, and this one is 3m by 15m.


    What parts are required for this to work on an anet a8?


    You'll have to change the connector on the controller board end, as this product has a 2 pin JST and you'll need a 3 pin JST for the Anet board.

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