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Gulfcoast Robotics All Metal Hotend Conversion Kit

Creality Ender 3 Pro, Metal Hotend Conversion Kit Wpolished Titanium Heatbreak

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  • What buyers say about Gulfcoast Robotics All Metal Hotend Conversion Kit

    If you want to avoid issues during install, take your time with the set scrubbers, they are tiny, and they don't need to be super tight, you can use a little bit of patience installing them, they are tiny, and they don't need to be super tight

    If this prints as good as it does, I will definitely buy another one for my tevo torando, which is a cr-10 clone and has identical mounts.

    Been using this for a while, and got good results, so I swapped out to PETG and was getting that dialed in.

    I am using a direct drive from a printermods to print with a variety of modifications, including a trianglelabs bmg clone along with linear rails, BLTouch, and many other modifications.

    I will be using my ender 3 with a cardboard box enclosure to print the parts I need to build a voron 2.4 and after making that slicer correction, I get really good PLA prints.

    Common Questions


    What is the maxium temperature?


    If you want to change the bed temperature on the unit, you need to use Marlin. I have a CR-10S and the firmware only goes up to 260C.


    Is it compatible with the Ender 5 Plus? Any issues with installation and operation?


    I have had no issues with the GCR, it works great, and I will get another one for my 3 Pro.


    I have three of these and need to replace one of them, are they available for this kit?


    Is the Gulf coast web site your first port of call?


    Is the stock ender 3 silicone socks compatible with this?


    The stock heater block is the same size as the heater block.


    Is it a direct drop in replacement for the cr6 se?


    The CR6-SE will not work on this all metal hotend, because Creality used a unique design for that particular 3D Printer.

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