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SIQUK 2 Pcs PTFE Teflon Tube (2M) 4 Pcs PC4-M6 Quick Fitting

Siquk 2 Pcs Ptfe Teflon Tube (2M) 4 Pcs Pc4-M6 Quick Fitting 4 Pcs Pc4-M10 Straight Pneumatic Fitting Push To Connect For 3D Printer 1.75Mm Filament

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  • What buyers say about SIQUK 2 Pcs PTFE Teflon Tube (2M) 4 Pcs PC4-M6 Quick Fitting

    I have had a pipejoint fail twice in the past year due to changing the material and cleaning the parts, so I'm always leery of buying third party brands.

    The prints on the new ones looked a bit cleaner and the ones that were old did not do as well as they could have.

    The prints came looking a bit cleaner after I upgraded them, but the biggest plus is that they move both ways on the tube.

    If you have to take it apart a few times, the metal ring inside might break, so I might have to order more.

    I'm happy I got these. Works great.

    Common Questions


    Would the size fitting and tube work with Creality Ender 3?


    Yes. They are working well so far, I installed them this week.


    Will it be necessary to cut the tube to fit an Ender 3 Pro?


    Yes. This pack has a lot of tubing, so you'll need more than you'll need.


    Does it work on the newest version of the Ender 3 models?


    I bought 2x Ender 3's one that shipped last month and one that shipped in the same year, and both seem to be almost identical.


    What is the pitch of the M10 threads?


    A bunch of brands were measured in the range of 1.0mm-1.5mm.


    Will all eight fitting work with the tubing, and how long is each of the two tubes?


    There are four for an extruder frame, and four for a hot end. Each of the PTFE tubes is 2 meters or a little over 78 inches long, 2mm ID, 4mm OD.

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