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Comgrow Spring Steel Plate Magnetic Bed Flexible Build Surface Adhesive Plate PEI Sheet

Premium Steel, Spring Steel Plate Magnetic Bed Flexible Build Surface Adhesive Plate, Pro 3D Printer Platforms, Premium Steel Plate, Creality Ender 3 V2, Ender 3 Pro, Pro 3D Printer Platforms

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What We Like

  • Compatible with PLA/PETG/PEEK/ABS and any other filaments
  • Comes with an upgraded magnetic build surface that provides the best adhesion
  • Flexible surface can easily be cut to any demensions making it perfect for all build sizes and all FDM printer models


  • may be hard to remove if printing in PETG

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  • What buyers say about Comgrow Spring Steel Plate Magnetic Bed Flexible Build Surface Adhesive Plate PEI Sheet

    I am getting perfect prints every time I use the PLA and bed at 60C. Its also nice to be able to lift the bed off without worrying about Bed clips, pop my prints off and immediately print something else.

    I had used a magnetic sheet on my bed but it wasn't strong enough and I didn't use glass top, so I used a new Pei sheet with a new magnetic layer.

    The print breaks free a little too easy, without removing the bed surface, so I like the spring steel over the flimsy surface to keep it from wrinkling.

    The seller stands behind the product and was very quick to respond to my issue as my review has been updated from two to four stars.

    The pei sheet is superior to the glass bed and I think it's the best purchase I've made.

    Common Questions


    Does this fit the ender 5?


    It's compatible with ender 5 and its max temp is printer max temp.


    I'm wondering if hot hot can the product work? I use 105C initial layer temp and 95C remaining temp.


    I use it the same way, but it will lose its magnetic properties at those temp.


    Is it possible that it will eliminate issues with warped bed?


    If it's badly warped you can put some strategicly painters tape on the magnet part to help work it out, and the sheet will obviously go over that when printing.


    I destroyed my first one by accident, so I want to know if there's a way to link best/stock replacement pei so that I can recycle the metal sheet.


    There are any point sheets that are 235mm x 235mm that will fit.


    How long does it take for the glue to cure, so I can use the bed heater?


    I put the comgrow sheet on and leveled the bed, then I printed right away.

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