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BIGTREETECH SKR 2 Control Board for 3D Printer

Support Tft Display, Bigtreetech Skr 2 Control Board, Skr V1.4 Turbo Motherboard, 3D Printer New Upgrade Silent Board

Created with Raphaël
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What We Like

  • Built-in AOZ1284PI power regulator supports 12-24V power input and a maximum output current of 4A
  • Protection circuit on thermistor inputs protects against short circuits
  • Extra heater protection circuit protects against runaway heating on the bed


  • may not include protection to the mosfet for the part fan

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  • What buyers say about BIGTREETECH SKR 2 Control Board for 3D Printer

    If you are looking for a budget Chinese control board, then this is the one for you - it has component protection, which is something that has been lacking in budget Chinese control boards.

    I had started to use a dedicated CMOS for each hot end in order to prevent a failure like the one that took out my SKR V1.4 board.

    I got a new board and loaded the software, and it worked fine. I installed the stepper drivers and plugged in a stepper motor and tested motion.

    The printer is very quiet, and the performance is good, so you need to make a few changes to the Configuration.h and Configuration_ Adv.h for your specific layout.

    The board is great once you have the software configured and installed, as the processor is fast, the memory is large, and the drivers are very quiet.

    Common Questions


    The kit came without a 5v add card or 5vdc power cable, so how do I power the screen?


    The screen has two cables, one is used for touch screen control and the other is used if the touch screen is not desired.


    How do I choose if it's available with 5 x 2208?


    The board and the steppers should be ordered separately.


    Is the current shipments of the tmc driver fix boards?


    I believe there is only a thousand of the "A" boards that were produced. I have ordered two of these over a few weeks and both of them were the corrected boards.


    Is this compatible with the Ender 3 Pro?


    You will need to print a new board housing if you use it with ender 3.


    Does this board and driver kit come with the correct plugs for the stepper wires, as most other kits use different wire plugs?


    It does not come with any additional wire connections.

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