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Micro Swiss MK8 Plated A2 Tool Steel Wear Resistant Nozzle

Tevo Tornado ).4Mm, A2 Hardened Tool Steel Plated With Hardened Tool Steel Hardening Hardening Protection, Craftbot, Creality, Cr10, Ender 3, Ender 5, A2 Tool Steel Wear Resistant Nozzle ( Makerbot

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What We Like

  • Equipped with TwinClad XT wear-resistant plating to prevent corrosion
  • Made with A2 tool steel that makes it durable
  • Comes in a versatile design that makes it suitable for various printers


  • The fitting may not be ideal

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  • What buyers say about Micro Swiss MK8 Plated A2 Tool Steel Wear Resistant Nozzle

    The first layer always has trouble sticking to blue tape, but on this nozzle, I leveled the bed, opened my print menu, and printed something I normally print, it was perfect on the first layer.

    Problems have been solved with my Ender-5 with M-S direct extrusion. I use the 0.8mm nozzle from M-S for TPU in this setup, and it works perfectly.

    Problem solved after I purchased a new M-S nozzle and heat block for my Ender-5.

    I was expecting to have to re-level my bed and adjust my settings, but it worked perfectly out of the bag, as I had bought this nozzle as an upgrade for my ender 3 after I upgraded to the Micro Swiss direct drive all metal hot end.

    After printing for a few hours my brass nozzles began to wear out and caused a decline in print quality.

    Common Questions


    Will this fit the Ender-3?


    I swap it from my Ender to the CR10 so it should fit.


    Does this nozzle require a higher print temperature?


    It works like a stock nozzle but better when used with the temp that works for your filament.


    Is this the right nozzle for ender 3 all metal hotend kit?


    Yes. This nozzle will fit the original hotend and Micro Swiss All Metal hotend kit.


    Is it good for the glow in the dark filament?


    I bought this for use with abrasive filaments that can glow in the dark. I have gone through 3 spools of filament and have no issues so far.


    Will it fit the flsun qqs?


    You need this nozzle for something.

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