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Redrex Dual Gear Extruder Metal Drive Feeder Upgrade Kit

Creality Ender, Metal Drive Feeder Upgrade Kit, Pro Cr10 Series 3D Printer Tpu Filament Supported, The Dual Drive Extruder

H&F Rating 262 reviews
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What We Like

  • Upgraded idler gear design does not ride against the bottom of the arm or chew it up
  • Spring adjustable extruder improves the printing accuracy and feeding issue
  • Double gear extrusion mechanism prevents jamming


  • may not be compatible with some printers

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9.80 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • Easy to install
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  • What buyers say about Redrex Dual Gear Extruder Metal Drive Feeder Upgrade Kit

    The brass gear on my motor is not held in place by a grub screw on a flat surface, so I did not need the metal brackets on my printer, and the feeder gear on my motor is pressed on, unlike older ones that are held in place by a grub screw on a flat

    The Redrex Aluminium Bowden extruder upgrade is a really expensive and straight forward upgrade from the stock plastic extruder that comes on the Ender 3d Pro, which was the printer I bought this to fit.

    The aluminum parts should last longer than the plastic parts, so I did not lower my rating for this. The red looks nice, there was a small chip in the red paint, but it was negligible and did not affect theFunctionality of it so I did not lower rating for this.

    The upgrade is worth the cost of the unit alone if you want the results of your first two prints after installing it. The results of my first (2) 6 hour prints after installing the upgrade are worth the cost of the unit alone.

    It has a red powder coat that breaks up the black, and it comes with clear instructions that can be used with the tools that already came with the Ender 3d pro.

    Common Questions


    Do I need right or left hand for my cr10s?


    The ender 3 and cr10 series need the right version.


    Will this work with the anet a8 plus? What version would I need to buy?


    This will work with your printer if you're fed up with their direct drive and you're converting it to use a Bowden tube.


    Will it fit a Monoprice Mini v2?


    It's designed for the Creality CR-10, but it's a fairly safe bet that it would fit any bowden printer that uses the same size motor for the extruder, and the same size filament.


    Is this all I need to upgrade an ender 3 to have a metal hotend for printing petg?


    Petg prints with a hotend that is not too hot, just make sure the tube is not too big.


    Is it compatible with an upgrade for the Monoprice Mini Delta?


    If you can drill into the frame you should be able to mount it anywhere or mount on your existing stepper motor.

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