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ANYCUBIC Vyper, Upgrade Intelligent Auto Leveling 3D Printer

This 3D Printer, The Removable Magnetic Platform, Upgrade Intelligent Auto Leveling 3D Printer, The 3D Printer, Large Fdm 3D Printers, The 32 Bit Silent Mainboard

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  • Common Questions


    When will your auto-leveling 3d printer Vyper be Get it on Amazon?


    The first inventory has arrived in the US, it will be Get it on Amazon in 1-2 days, we can look forward to it.


    Is it possible that it has a direct drive Extruder?


    This is a direct drive hotend, without a bowden tube.


    I bought mine directly from Anycubic, but I haven't been able to find any nozzles. Which ones to get for the Vyper?


    You need to search for nozzles or tips for an E3D Volcano, because the brand name of the unit itself is Anycubic.


    Is it possible to pause at layer height with this machine as you can't with the previous models?


    It is possible to adjust on the fly. I have had zero print failures so far.


    Are you an authorized seller of this printer?


    I got the latest version from them.

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