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Creality 3D Creality CR-10 Smart 3D Printer

High Print Quality, Wifi Function Silent Motherboard Installation, Power Supply, The Hassle Free Auto Leveling, The Creality Cr 10 Smart 3D Printer, Indoor And Outdoor Temperature, 3D Printer, The Perfect Temperature

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8.28 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Build quality
  • Controls and functionality
  • Customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Overall performance
  • Print quality
  • Tech support
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Creality 3D Creality CR-10 Smart 3D Printer

    It's easy to get into, but there's a lot to learn and you need to upgrade your printer.

    I discovered a warped glass plate while putting together and didn't dock a star since I knew going into the purchase that I would probably receive a warped glass plate.

    I have had to order parts from Amazon and do some electronics work on my own since the fans stopped working. Which was scary, but I got better fans, and I got vibrational dampeners.

    I am using Superfila on the machine and it seems to print very well. I have a lot of upgrade plans for this machine and I like that I can easily modify it to my use.

    There doesn't seem to be a problem with low-quality copies of the Creality SR-10S, at least according to my research.

    Common Questions


    Does this detect when it's out of the filament?


    There is no automatic function to it, and you can either manually pause it or just run out.


    Is it possible that this has auto leveling?


    There is an auto leveling feature, but you have to calibrate the bed level by placing a piece of paper at each of the 5 leveling points, then adjusting each of the 4 leveling wheels.


    Why does it say $149.75/item when it is clearly labeled as the Cr 10s with dual Z axis heated bed filament detection?


    CR-10S has dual Z axis leading screw rods and is powered by a motor that is powered by a motor that is a motor that is powered by a motor that is powered by a motor that is powered by a motor that is powered by a motor that is powered by a motor that is


    Does this version have an auto resume function?


    I think it's related to the firmware and that it can do some things, but that depends on certain conditions.


    How long will it take to deliver it to zip code 17307 USA?


    It will take 1-2 days if you choose shipping time and ask the service to check the regular time.

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