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Creality 3D Open Source CR-10 3D Printer All Metal Frame

One Of The Largest Build Spaces Available, The Print Quality, Creality 3D Open Source Cr 10, This 3D Printer, All Metal Frame

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  • What buyers say about Creality 3D Open Source CR-10 3D Printer All Metal Frame

    I have a temp of 198c and bed of 65-70c at the moment, I use Hatchbox play, and I have a free pla and heated tape in the box, I will post pictures of where I found it, and what my prints look like, as well as a video

    I purchased this for its larger build platform because I already had a Prusa Mk 2.5s, but you still need to re-tighten the rollers and parts that were loosened in shipping prior to using it.

    I have had it for a long time and it works fine when I leave it unattended, it turns the bed heat off but stays on the screen, 7.

    It's not something I can say bad about these printers, they are work horses and once you get your settings dialed in with the slicing program you will be happy with your prints.

    I haven't used the machine to print anything yet but will let you know again when we get it fixed. I like the machine but need to find the best settings.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible for this printer to use carbon fiber and nylon filaments?


    If you purchase a hardened steel nozzle or similar, carbon Fiber pla, abs, and petg can be used.


    Does it have filament in it?


    It comes with a small roll of white PLA, approximately 0.5 kilogram, so you'll need to order a couple of additional spools within a week or so after getting this.


    Is it partially put together?


    The base frame and bed assembly, vertical frame and gantry are the main pieces, and the control box is the other one.


    I brought it to college, but the back motor is no longer working. How do I fix it?


    If the motor does not move, you should check to see if the knob turns. If you can, Amazon may have a motor.


    Does it work with the current software and firmware?


    The heat bed was heating way beyond what it was set at and I had to set it to 0 so it wouldn't heat to over 100 C.

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