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da Vinci Mini Wireless 3D Printer

Daisio Platough Plapetg, The Z Axis, The 3D Printer, The Print Quality, Printing Metallic Carbon Pla

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  • Common Questions


    Is the 5 colors listed in the ad included?


    The printer has a random color PLA filament.


    Is it necessary to leave my computer on during the printing process?


    You will only need to keep your computer plugged in and connected to the printer during the slicing process of the 3D objects for the printing process. Once the printer has started the print job, you can plug your computer in and let the printer run on its own.


    Where can I read the eBook?


    see more Hello There, As we mentioned earlier, the eBook is redeemable using a code when you register the printer and subscribe to the EDM.


    Will this work in making the parts that I need for a model?


    I don't recommend this printer, but they have a pro, open source, easy to use, if you want davinci.


    I'm thinking of a gremlins statue, how would I make it?


    You need to find a 3D image you want to print, and it's possible to find it on the internet.

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