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ELEGOO 2 PCS Metal Resin Tank for ELEGOO Mars 3D Printer

Pcs Metal Resin Tank, Elegoo Mars 3D Printer, Reus Vat, Fep Pre-Installed

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  • What buyers say about ELEGOO 2 PCS Metal Resin Tank for ELEGOO Mars 3D Printer

    I have bought a lot of printer, resins, and vats from them and they have been great bargains that have not skimped on quality or performance.

    The frame is similar to the one that came with the Mars Printer, and it has a texture that makes it easy to wipe off spilled resin.

    It's worth the money to drop in replacements for the original tank so you can keep printing and switch between tanks if you need to, or to quickly change colors if time is of the essence.

    The lids are nicer than I thought, and they have a slight friction fit to keep the light out of the top side.

    I don't care if you have an allen wrench or not, I will be happy to buy one from Amazon for less than 3 bucks.

    Common Questions


    Will they fit the Photon Mono?


    The photon mono is a little smaller, but still fits well.


    Is it a new design to fit the Mars Pro with a bigger vat?


    VAT is suitable for both Mars and Mars pro, there is no new design.


    Will this be back in stock soon?


    It depends on how much inventory they get. Elegoo is a Chinese company and that's something to keep in mind.


    Will they work on the shadow 5.5s?


    I have the Shadow 5.5s, and they fit perfectly.


    Is there two black tanks and one gray tank?


    It was 2 black trays with black covers when I ordered it a long time ago.

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