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ELEGOO 5PCs FEP Release Film for ELEGOO Mars LCD 3D Printer

Fep Release Film, Elegoo Mars Lcd 3D Printer, The Print Quality, Lcd 3D Printer

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We analyzed 57,099 reviews for 193 products in the 3D Printers category.

We then analyzed 38 reviews for this product. Of these, 3 reviews were recent.

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  • What buyers say about ELEGOO 5PCs FEP Release Film for ELEGOO Mars LCD 3D Printer

    It's easy to take apart the bottom tray if you have a ifixit tool kit with an assortment of bits, but Elegoo provides a cheap tool to do it.

    The thickness of the sheets is better than what I had received in the past, which is the Holy Grail of FEP Film.

    If I am unclear in my assessment, buy it!

    The sheets were made with protective film and it was Score number 2. This is better than the last inferior product I had received.

    Good packing and genuine part.

    Common Questions


    When you're only selling 2PCS, why does the description say 5PCS?


    When I purchased it, it said 2.


    Is it necessary to punch holes in these to install them correctly?


    If you still feel the need to make a hole, you can line up the film with the frame, and use the tip of the screw driver.


    Will it work on Mars 3?


    The Mars 3 FEP is 146x195mm and is 0.127mm thick.


    The description says 5 pieces, but the reviews say 2. What is the actual count?


    There are 5 sheets in the package, I received mine today.


    Is it the same as the white sponge that was in the video?


    I use a 5mm thick pad of tissues, which is close to the thickness of the film.

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