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ELEGOO Neptune 2S 3D Printer

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  • Common Questions


    The neptune 2s is supposed to have a silent board, but it beeps every few seconds while it's printing. Can someone tell?


    The x and y motors on this printer are silent, the extruder and then axis are not, so they will still make noise on retractions and Z changes.


    When I get it to power with some presure, what are my options?


    It could be a failed bearing in the power supply fan.


    I bought a 3d printer called neptune 2 fdm and it doesn't power on, can someone tell me why?


    If you live in the USA, you will need to change the voltage on the back of the printer by sliding the red switch.


    I want to know if it works with Win10 and if there's a printer time.


    Once you have imported the model into the slicer and chosen your printer settings, the slicer will tell you what the expected print time will be.


    The picture shows 4 brass colored ones, but does not say if they are all 0.4mm or variable size.What are the nozzle sizes that come with this purchase?


    All of them have the same 0.4mm nozzle.

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