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ELEGOO Saturn S 3D Printer

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  • What buyers say about ELEGOO Saturn S 3D Printer

    The level of detail on the print bed has blown my mind, and Elegoo made leveling the bed easy with a rounded mount, which is perfect for beginners to 3D printing in general.

    I own a regular 3D printer and a mSLA 3D printer, but I think that mSLA printers are better at printing action figures than regular printers.

    After a few prints, I was happy to say that I was able to use the saturn to build my own printer, thanks to the fact that it was relatively similar to typical fdm build plates.

    The printer seems to be doing what it's supposed to, but the slicing program could be better.

    It is larger than all of the entry level printers and only costs $500, which is less than the planned $1300 of the Jupiter.

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