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Flashforge 3D Printer Finder Lite FDM Machine

Design, 3D Printer Finder Lite Fdm Machine, Removable Platform, Touch Screen, Printing Size140 X 140 X 140 Mm, The 3D Printer Finder Lite Fdm Machine, Semi Enclosed

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  • Common Questions


    Does this have filament in it?


    It came with a small amount of filament so you can make a few samples.


    Is this printer compatible with Mac and iPad?


    I use a mac and print to the device.


    Can I make mini homes/architecture, toy glass pieces, wooden toys, and glass chess pieces with an iPad 3d printing app?


    The finder lite only uses PLA, it can do wood but wood will wear out the nozzle, and you have to do it on a computer transfer to make it work.


    Is the printer auto leveling?


    It walks you through how to level it, but it takes significant patience and has to be done before each build, my 10 year old son hates this part.


    I don't know if this was supposed to come with a spool for the filament.


    I have to use a separate filament spool holder and feed the plastic from there instead of the built-in casing.

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