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FLSUN Entry Level Delta 3D Printer

Xyz Tc2208, 200X200Mm Printing Size, Lattice Glass Hot Bed, 3D Printer, Touch Screen

H&F Rating 81 reviews
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8.86 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • Customer support
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  • Print quality
  • Tech support
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  • What buyers say about FLSUN Entry Level Delta 3D Printer

    The print quality is good, and the elephant and the nut/bolt combo that came on the card looked great to me, but then again this was my first experience with a 3d printer, so I didn't have a point.

    I was able to print these brackets with no problems in about 15 minutes each, and the print speed seems great, as I have done about a dozen prints at this point.

    The only thing I would like for this printer is to be able to print large, and I think the 200 x 200 size is perfect for many.

    The levelling probe is easy to use and the new menus that allow Z height tweaking are easy to dial in and start the first print., The 2020 extrusion covers are a nice touch as well.

    It turned out to be almost foolproof, even though I had to look at tiny pictures to see if one cable went over or under the other.

    Common Questions


    Is it compatible with a Mac?


    All your print jobs are loaded onto a Micro SD card and run directly on the printer.


    Is anyone able to use theusb cord to work with a pc or MC using Cura?


    You will need to use repetier or Pronterface to connect over USB, otherwise you can slice your files in cura and save them to a file.


    I want to know the size and type of the print nozzle for the Q5?


    It looks like a M6 thread after I trashed my hot end.


    What is the total number of lights?


    I don't think it's possible to draw the full wattage that can be supplied because the power supply is rated at 200 watt.


    What is the size of the build area?


    The usable height of the CYLINDER is 190mm, which is translated into approximately 140mm x 140mm square base.

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