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Mingda Magician X 3D Printer

Mingda Magician X 3D Printer, One Touch Smart Auto Leveling Fdm 3D Printing Machine Printing Size, 3D Printing Machine Printing Size, High Sensitivity Sensor

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  • Common Questions


    When it is used at night or working time, does it cause a noise?


    It states silent printing, and it did, I can't even hear a noise when I read or do other works.


    How long does self-leveling take and how much does it cost?


    When starting the Leveling on the screen, it will move to the 16 points to level the bed. In 1 min 35s finish the self-leveling.


    What is the difference between the mingda d3pro and rock 3?


    It's smaller and has a different auto level.


    What are the upgrades required to print carbon fiber nylon filament?


    The nozzle is better.


    Will it come with a test copy and auto leveling works well?


    The auto leveling is fantastic, but it comes with some pla.

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