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Monoprice-113860 Maker Select 3D Printer

3D Printer, Large Heated (20 X 200 X180 Mm) Build Plate, High Speed Stereolithography, Free Sample Pla Filament, The Print Function, 2 Gb Micro Sd Card, Print Model

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  • What buyers say about Monoprice-113860 Maker Select 3D Printer

    The X Rods were able to measure the angle of the axis from one side to the other, and it turned out that it was off by around 1.2" from one side to the other.

    The machines are not rigid enough and bend so much that they will fall off if you try to move them. I moved the machine from my desk to another after testing it for the first time.

    It can push out some good quality prints once you get it sorted and level, at the price point, what it is capable of with a little bit of extra material out of the box is not bad at all.

    I unboxed my machine and found that almost every screw on it was loose, except for the ones I put in to attach the Z Frame to the rest of the machine.

    The printer's large build volume and sturdy steel frame make it very stable for the movement of the printhead, which is helpful when printing models.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible that it has a dual extruders model like the bibo 3d printer?


    No, this is a single model.


    Which place is it made at?


    It comes flat packed, you will need to screw in 4 screws to put the x and Z axis Gantry onto the base, then plug in all of the motors which are very clearly marked.


    What's the maximum temperature this printer can print at?


    Don't go over 250 as the PTFE tube inside will melt.


    Is the grounding issue still affecting the temp fluctuations in this version?


    If you use a power surge protector, there are no issues.


    How do I get rid of the butterfly that comes with the printer in the heated bed?


    You can repeat the incantation "Mekka-lekka-hi, Mekka-hiney-ho" 3 times or use a spatula to pry it off the heated bed.

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