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Monoprice-134438 MP10 Mini 3D Printer

Magnetic Heated Build Plate, The 3D Printed Model, The Built In Level Sensor, The Mini 3D Printer, Higher Print Quality

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  • Common Questions


    How much does it take for this to take?


    1.75mm is the type of filament used in the printer.


    Is this printer compatible with files from thingiverse?


    You will need to take the files from Thingyverse and put them through slicing software to convert them into printer specific gcode.


    Is it easy to level it at bed level?


    It is very easy to follow the instructions and almost does it on its own.


    Is it possible to measure the exact width of the base of the printer?


    The main frame is 15.75 x 11.75, with the exception of the filament head that is mounted outside the main frame.


    Is it possible to put a spool holder on the top of the frame?


    I don't see why you couldn't move the spool holder to the tower, but the only question would be whether it still feeds, with my only note being that it's not a particularly aggressive feeder.

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