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Monoprice MP10 3D Printer - Black

Monoprice Mp10 3D Printer Black, Magnetic Heated Build Plate, Printing Function, Assisted Leveling

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  • Common Questions


    What do you do to change the hotend?


    The hot end assembly has a guide tube that connects it to the hot end.


    Is it possible for it to reach 110 degrees c and slightly above?


    I've only been running the unit for over three weeks. I'm running Hatchbox PLA and Amazonbasics PETG with bed plate max temp of 85 - 90c.


    Does it have dual Z screws?


    The Monoprice MP10 does not have dual stepper motors or dual Z rods. I'm running PLA & PETG filaments at 50mm/s with a max build height of 100mm.


    I'm having a problem with my hotend that isn't moving through it or being able to pull it out the back. Any advice on how to fix it?


    The heat should be turned up in the print head.


    Does the unit have an auto restart in case of power interruptions?


    The Malyan MA10 is based off of the MP10 and has an auto resume function, according to Dr. Vax.

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