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Luxnwatts Creality Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer

Pro 3D Printer Upgrade Silent Mainboard, X 220 X 300 Mm Build Volume, Metal Extruder Frame Use Capricorn Bowden Ptfe Tubing

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  • Common Questions


    What type of filaments can be used besides PLA?


    Pla, Petg, and Abs are the other most common filiments you can print on this machine.


    Why is this making so much noise if it's supposed to be a silent board?


    If it has a new board, make sure it is compared to the old one on Amazon.


    Where can I find the files that were provided in the original sd card?


    I can get the videos to you if you find my channel on the internet. I can't out the channel or email in this response, but it may be my usernames.


    Is it possible for Ender5 Pro to print more than one object in a single print session?


    You can print as many parts as you want, but they will usually be printed at once.


    Is it possible for it to print petg filaments?


    I have printed a few rolls of petg to make some outdoor basket hooks. They are great and did not have any issues.

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