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SUNLU 3D Printer S8 Plus

Resume Printing Function, 310X310X400Mm 3D Printing Size, Comes With A Roll Of Pla Filament ; Visit The Sunlu Store, Fdm 3D Printer With Big Build Volume, Fast Assembly Diy 3D Printers

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  • Common Questions


    What type of extruder is used?


    The tube is Bowden.


    Is it compatible with flexible filaments like TPE?


    settings are different from PLA, so it should just remember.


    Is it possible to give the CURA settings?


    The profile is the same as the Creality CR10, so your settings will depend on what you're printing.


    Is there a max temperature for nozzle and heat bed?


    The stock setup will prevent you from going past 250 on the hotend and 100 on the bed.


    I have a sd card that works with this item, how do I get the sd card reader to read it?


    I have had issues with one of my printers doing that, and am very disappointed with the Sunlu printers as a whole, as the hot ends are crap, the unit becomes loose during printing, the sd slot in one of mine isn't aligned, and I can't

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