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Voxelab Aquila 3D Printer

The Abs Plastic Material, A More Stable And Stable Building Block, The Print Function, Full Alloy Frame, A Removable Surface Plate, The Aquila 3D Printer

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  • What buyers say about Voxelab Aquila 3D Printer

    Some mod's won't work on the Aquila due to slightly different mounting, but I was able to add stiffening leveling for that price difference.

    I bought one for about $15 a few years ago, and it looks and functions just as good. I haven't tinkered with it since using the settings in CURA and the profile/printer settings provided by 3d.

    It's great for beginners as you can ask questions and they will answer fast, and it's very forgivable as you might trouble shoot.

    I'm looking to upgrade my printer to a higher temp one so I can get better prints, but this one prints just fine, all I have to do is get new users to use it.

    The Bowden Extruder area allows a runout sensor to be fitted, even if you don't glue it there.

    Common Questions


    I have had a 3D printer and it was very hard to level. Can someone tell?


    It's the same leveling as any other Ender 3-type printer, and you'll always have to manually level it.


    I tried to tighten the v-wheel knots, but they didn't work for the unstable metal plate.


    No, you are not referring to leveling as the other answers imply, you are referring to the plate itself wobbling, which makes any kind of leveling impossible.


    Is it possible for this printer to print a perforated object like a object with holes throughout it?


    Yes, you can. I got the printer a week ago and I printed a working ocarina, but it doesn't play great and you most definitely can print objects with holes.


    Is it possible to add a lazer engraver to an Ender 3?


    The Aquila 3D printer is designed for beginners, it has infinite dependability, so I suggest you could have a try, our engineers will support you anytime.


    What are the differences between the X2 and the Aquilas?


    The handle, screen, and sensor have been upgraded by feedback from Aquila customers.

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