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Voxelab Aquila 3D Printer

Reusable Material, Altitude Hold Design, Removable Carborundum Glass Platform, Metal Frame, Diy Fdm 3D Printer Kit, The Aquila 3D Printer, The Print Function

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  • Common Questions


    Is the h32 Chipset aquila-m?


    H32 is a small part.


    I want to purchase one, but I don't want the H32 chipset. Can someone tell me a way to request one without the h32?


    Most of the models are not H32, so you can buy aquila-o1.


    Is it possible to use the ender extender kits on this?


    The extender kits are basically ender clones.


    Is it worth it to order a printer that is $10 more if you are going to upgrade?


    If you have a refitting ability and want to upgrade, we suggest Aquila X2, or aquila-m.


    Is there a reset button somewhere?


    In settings.

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