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VOXELAB White Proxima 6.08in 2K Monochrome LCD 3D Printer

, Voxelab White Proxima 6.08In 2 K Monochrome Lcd 3D Printer Uv Photocuring Resin Printer, Uv Led Light Source, Full Grayscale Anti Aliasing & Uv Led Light Source, X 3.22X 6.10In Print Size

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  • Common Questions


    Is this printer good for beginners and how good does it work?


    Buy simple resins to start, use alcohol or even a cheap $5 gallon of those miracle cleaners in the paint departments work.


    Is the printer capable of handling a separate UV machine?


    It doesn't harden, which is probably for the best, as it is harder to remove from the printer platen, and you may ruin your expensive resin by accident.


    Is it possible to find replacement lcd screens?


    The Proxima is a clone of the Mars 2 Pro and is made on the same assembly line.


    How long does one fep sheet last?


    It can go on for up to 10 prints sessions if you don't scrub it with anything.


    I'm not sure where I should go for a replacement tank.


    If your film is bad, just replace it with another brand.

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