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SHINE SING 3D Rapid LCD UV-Curing Resin Compatible with LCD 3D Printer

3D Printer Resin, Standard Photopolymer Resin, Shine Sing 3D Rapid Lcd Uv Curing Resin Compatible, The High Quality Photopolymer Ink, Quick Curing 405Nm Standard Photopolymer Resin, Lcd 3D Printer, This 3D Printer Resin

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  • What buyers say about SHINE SING 3D Rapid LCD UV-Curing Resin Compatible with LCD 3D Printer

    I used 2 litres of the same brand printer and made a beautiful Treebeard model from Gambody that is 13 inches high, and another of 12 inches... plus multiple other models over the last few weeks.

    I tried using this brand before and it was terrible, every print of mine started failing when I switched to the Elegoo brand, so I decided to see if the reviews have changed to a positive trend.

    I am ordering another bottle of this tonight because I am so impressed with how it prints, it prints wonderfully using lower exposure times with crisp sharp details.

    This is a good value for the amount of bottle and the packaging is very secure.

    I have been using my printer for the last few weeks and have been making a lot of models, some of which are gorgeous, some of which are smaller than 13 inches high, and some of which are larger than 12 inches high.

    Common Questions


    How long does it take to cure the model printed with rapid resins?


    The non-curable time is too long, and you can try several times to find your best curing time.


    Is the Red transparent or opaque?


    My stuff has a dark red tone and doesn't look translucent in most angles and lighting, however I have not sanded/polished any prints, so I don't.


    What is the print setting of this 3d resin?


    First of all, please make sure that the 3d resin is used with the LCD 3d printer, also suitable for ELEGOO, ANYCUBIC and other DLP 3D printers.


    Is it possible to do this by hand when using this 3d resin liquid for do-it-yourself works?


    You can harden it yourself with a black light, but I don't know how thick you would be able to cure that way.


    I don't know which colors can be printed, is there a recommendation?


    If it's 405 your fine, all the colors of the van should be printed.

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